Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Missions Conference 2016

Missions Conference 2016 with the theme: The Commitment of the church with missions. 
The first day of our missions conference was welcomed with the parade of nations. The children of the church dressed up according to the flag they carried from different countries. 

 Our invited missionary (Abraham Salazar and family) and invited special speaker (Reuben Quispe) were given a special welcome from the church.

 How exciting it was for each to play a part in putting this conference together.

 The special music and preaching was a tremendous encouragement.

 Nathan and Katie have been studying the language and facts about Japan even before the conference.
 Matthew has adapted very well here in Peru.

Cecilia gets engaged

A dear christian lady, Cecilia, became a member of our church and has served faithfully as a Sunday School teacher, Nursery worker, and a reliable servant throughout. A pastor from Tarma called to ask us for permission to become engaged to Cecilia. They met in Seminary but parted ways after graduation. We are excited that God has provided a Godly man for her. Please pray for them as they make arrangements for their upcoming wedding.
 The youth group girls celebrate Cecilia's birthday during their Sunday School Class.

Missions in the church

 After the Evangelism Conference in Huancayo, we were able to host two missionary families as a church. It was a blessing to hear about their ministries and what God was doing through their lives.

 Enjoyed the fellowship with others in the ministry.

Jon's Birthday!

Jon was able to celebrate with the family before having the church members and friends in the ministry come surprise him. 

 The afternoon was filled with games and songs led by Pastor Fidel Gomez and Pastor Samuel.

 Jon was given the complete set of the New Testament Commentaries by Warren Wiersbe in Spanish. Thank you to all who gave from the church to make this possible.

Evangelism Conference

We were able to take part in AMEBIP Evangelism Conference here in Huancayo. AMEBIP is a missions agency in Peru. They currently have 23 missionary families. Each of the families were present for the conference to grow together, fellowship, and introduce their ministries to area pastors. They were able to have their yearly meeting after the conference. 
The theme was Living the Gospel in your life, family, and ministry.
Pastor Samuel was one of others who sold items at the conference. He was able to assist in the conference by song leading and in prayer. 

 Jon is pictured below with Pastor Fidel and Pastor Benjamin who are leaders in the missions agency.
 Some from our church took off work to come to the conference to enjoy the fellowship and teachings.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Visitors from Lima

Alex, Jheny, and Mercy came to visit us. Alex is a photographer and web designer. It was fun taking them around and showing them huancayo. We enjoyed teaching them new table games and had great fellowship. 

 A special thanks to Alex for taking family pictures and being an encouragement to us.