Wednesday, July 8, 2009

June Prayer Letter

JUNE 2009
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Psalms 105:1 "O give thanks unto the Lord; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people."

As Spring Time gives new life to much of God’s creation, it has provided opportunities for God’s deeds to be made known among the people. Our family has been able to present and minister for God in churches throughout Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Maryland, and in California where Jon attended the Missions Conference at Coastline Baptist in Oceanside.
We give thanks unto the Lord for the six new churches God has given us to co-labor with in planting Independent Baptist Churches in Peru. This brings our support level up to 54%. We ask you to pray for our remaining support to be raised.
Thank you to all who had been praying for Nisha’s jaw pain. In April, Jon thought that he was doing a kind deed scheduling a dental appointment for Nisha (who has a fear of dentists). The result was an irreversible inflammation of the nerve caused by a cavity. The tooth has since been pulled and Jon has been forgiven.
It was a blessing to have a part in the Missions Conference at our home church. We were encouraged by the response to our new DVD presentation of Peru and updated table display the Lord provided for us. The new presentation can be viewed by going to where it has been posted.
Jon has been able to use his volleyball license to help out schools and community recreation centers with officiating, which has opened up doors to share our ministry and ultimately the Gospel with those in the community. We’re thankful for the opportunities God gives us to witness while on deputation!
In May, Jon was able to attend and set up his table display at the Pastor’s conference in Rockford, Illinois. This provided encouragement through the preaching and fellowship with those in ministry. Traveling in a church van for six hours each way also provided close fellowship with not only our Pastor but those from our church and Tri-lakes Baptist who attended.
As we approach Summer time, please pray for continued safety on the road as we present in Florida churches, finish up home-schooling, and overcome the poison ivy that has made its presence known to Becca and Jon.

Thank you for your continued support, prayers, and interest in our ministry.
The Harris Family
Jon, Nisha, Matthew, Nathan, Becca, and Katie

Florida Meetings in the Summer, What are you thinking?

We are surviving the heat and was even able to take the children to see the Atlantic Ocean this week.

We have been able to present our Field in Port St Lucie Bible Church this last Sunday and have increased our Prayer support with certain individuals in the church. I never want to underestimate the power of Prayer.
Prayer is that which cannot be bought and has shown more power in revealing the true God in lives.

Please pray for us as we travel South to Hollywood, FL to Preach at First Baptist Church tonight, than traveling North to Palatka, FL this weekend to be at a Boy's Ranch, and than West to Inverness, FL to Preach at Bethel Baptist Church on Sunday. We have once again learned the need to be flexible by having two meetings cancel on us with short notice which causes travel and lodging to be changed. There will be a lot of traveling this week and we are praying for open opportunities to share the Gospel.
I will be the speaker at an Amazon VBS down here in Palm Harbor, FL for a week. We have been praying for our home church as we look forward to hearing how their parade went on July 4th, their VBS, Softball games, etc...

Co-Laboring Together For our God,
The Harris Family
Jon, Nisha, Matthew, Nathan, Becca, and Katie

Blessing this week: Meeting a member of the church who owns a Chick-Fil-A who gave our family meal coupons for the road. (If you dress like a cow on Friday you also get a free meal)